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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New York!

Photos 1,2,10,&11: 1&2 are decor photos from a Thai restaurant called "Qi." The decor of this place is by far the most unique and elegant I've ever seen! The service was also great. The food in photo 10 may not look so appetizing but I assure you that it tastes amazing! As a vegetarian, I was more than happy to see they had a fairly large portion of foods for non-meat eaters. The food I ordered was called "Pad See Euw" with tofu and despite my meal being meatless, the family voted the mine was the best meal out of the other 4 :) Photo #11 is actually a table! Fancy, right? There's a chair next to it and it's one of those double or single sitters. I highly recommend this place!

Photo 3,12 : An adorable goat (?)! I felt bad for the little fella cause' the bigger goats got front row in the feeding zone & he had to stand on the stump.. too precious! You can find him at the Central Park Children's Zoo. Photo 12 is of me being the turtle I truly am..

Photos 4&5: P4&5 are actually of the same lake. It's some lake in Central Park & I loved the vibe the lake had :) So Calm & relaxing. You're also able to rent little wind powered boats & sail on this lake! 

Photos 6&7: Photo 6 may look gross but that's because it is.. Hahah. It's some sort of green ick floating over the top (&pretty much the bottom) of the dead end of the Central Park Lake. I took a picture of it anyways. The explorers we (dad, bro, me) are, we actually tried rowing one of the dingys we rented into one of these dead ends. Bad idea! The area was shallow and even with my amazing dingy rowing skills, it was a difficult area to manage.. I do not suggest going into one of these areas no matter how enchanting and magical it looks!

Photos 8&9: Photo 8 is actually the same center fountain used in the scene in the Home Alone movie ("Lost in New York" vers). My older brother use to be literally obsessed with the movie to the point where when my mom had my little brother, my older brother named him Kevin.. Hah. P9 is of a Strawberry shortcake Icecream! I'm sure you've all had it & know of it's magical deliciousness?! What made it so awesome was how the Ice Cream man kept it cold not with ice but-- Nitrogen Gas! It was really cool biting into it & hearing a crunch.. I also love how we bought it on a rainy day..

Photo 13: I think these Cupcakes were sold at.. "Scoops r' Us?" I'm not too sure.. I just took the photo because I thought they looked kinda nice.. You can find Scoops R Us (ice cream store..) in *drumroll* Toys R' Us. So clever right? Oh, & I'm talking about the Toys R' Us in the Times Square area :)

Photo 14&15: The Forever21 in Times square is 3 stories high. I was expecting 8 for some reason.. But I really loved their ad! It's a live camera feed! Let's see if you can find where I am? ; ) As for Photo 15, it's pretty much a concluding Photo:) It was taken on my second to last day in NY at Times Square.

My experience in NY was pretty intense.. I feel like people are more busy than us Californians & less interested in making friends while they're working :'( But that's totally understandable! Before coming I was expecting a lot because my friend & I are constantly day dreaming that we'd move to NY someday & have the time of our lives. When the trip was all done with I realized it wasn't exactly what I envisioned. I don't think I can handle the crowdyness, smell, and the carelessness? (This doesn't apply to everyone of course!) Haha but, all in all, the trip wasn't awful! It made me more aware of different surroundings and reality. I'd say it's interesting to visit every now and then but it's not exactly the most relaxing or comforting place! Seems like, for now, home is and forever will be California! Such friendly folks we have here.. Oh and when I thought Californian driving was bad, ha!, New York totally tops us in the feisty scale..

Until next time!,

Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm Back! /New Approach

Lovelies, I've returned! Please forgive the many many days I've been missing. This previous week, especially, was unintended! I went of to Washington DC, Atlantic City (NJ), & NYC! (also planning on uploading a VLOG for this trip) My family & I literally haven't traveled in ages because of school & the way it tends to take over my entire life.. But it's summer time! &I'm ready to do everything slightly new! (Notice the new banner/ simple background/ New Sig? Prettty neat eh?) haha. The sig @ the bottom was also edited by me on paint! I'm pretty proud:) So anyways, What is this new approach? Idunno. I've just recently been inspired from some unknown source to put more effort into my blog/ youtube. More effort BUT, at the same time, keeping it simple&sweet? Idk if you guys understand what I've envisioned because, frankly, I'm horrible at explanations. Por ejemplo, I tend to blabber buttloads before the instructional part of a video.. I noticed that youtubers/subers for nearly allll guru-ers don't always enjoy the blabble. So I guess I'm wording things & trying to explain things too much so I'm going to shorten down my talking in videos.. I'm not sure what this new approach is yet but I envision something much more appealing to you all.. care to share any personal thoughts or ideas? :) No worries, I'm open to criticism, it'll only help me improve!

Vacationing on the East Coast-wise, I recorded tons of random segments and took a few photos. However, I'm not sure if you guys can understand how irritating it was when I found out my cruddy ancient laptop doesn't have enough memory space left. I literally spent about 3-4 hours trying to get the vids/pics uploaded (while having to return every 15 mins to shake the mouse so the thing doesn't turn off) & in the end most of the good stuff didn't even import & for some horrible reason my camera uploads videos in ".MOV" so afterwords I'll have to export them all into ".AVI" format. or something like that. Way too complicated for lil' ol' me who knows nothing about electronical willy-wack ;( Does anyone know a simpler/faster way to change movie file formats? It'd save so much time in my life.. But yes. Once I somehow manage to get all the vids exported & pics imported I'll have them posted asap! & this won't be like my promised birthday post.. Haha I'm sorry but I don't think I'll be uploading any photos from my bday.. it's much too late & the photos weren't too exciting anyways :(

Soo, oh ehm eff geeeezles! I don't think you guys can contemplate how much I spazzed when I saw this. I've been recently doubting f21 (crazy, I know right?) because I feel like their cheap items aren't so cheap anymore ):< Clothes you could get for $10-12 bucks are now like $15?! What is this who-ha?! Yeah I know it may not seem like a big diff but for a person like me whose profit depends on saving lunch allowance once a week--this is a big difference! I don't mind thaat much if it's one or 2 shirts thats $15-20 but after 2 shirts the cost really does add up. But anyways, so in addition to my doubt, when shopping in NYC I went into a 3 story f21 & was disappointed to find I wasn't really "attracted" to a majority of their clothes. Idk if it's because I know I need to cut back on spending or if it's because I wasn't in the mood to shop (..impossible) or something but yeah, such a let down. It could even be because I wasn't able to go to their website and check out all the new arrivals (& memorize everything by heart haha) //due to my 1 week vacation. So when I returned to my crib, started up my compoooper, went to the forever21 website, and layed my eyes on their homepage--I pretty much flipped. I love anything related to WWF, &'ve done projects on their organization, and I always get this proud feeling when I purchase something that donates to them. I know buying a shirt that donates slightly less that 10% of it's proceeds may not seem all the great & personally going to the WWF website to donates is much better but I still can't help feeling like a good citizen after purchasing a shirt. I guess by donating the $1 by wearing the shirt you're also advertising the company and help spread the organization? Idk, I figure that this is better than nothing & I'm always proud to assist. Not only was I happy because they're selling more WWF products at the moment but I LOVE the design. Idk if you all knew, but I've been absolutely loving digitally printed T's lately. The fact that the shirt is printed with ginormous faces of adorable animals make it a good 15x more desirable. The design also continues in the back unlike those blank ones. I have to go out and buy nearly every single one of the shirts or else I'll have to cry and, unfortunately, in no manner am I exaggerating. Forever 21 promises to only give the $1 proceed for every shirt purchased until May 31st, 2012, so join me today in the persuit of animal conservation, protection, and environmental healing? <3

Much much love,
PS--by no means am I affiliated with Forever21. I just seriously love them animals...
Dangitt, what a loser, I realized my signature says "Fos over Spoons" rather than Forks over Spoons; I no longer deserve such a name.. ;(. ;)