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Monday, February 28, 2011

4th Free Contest Giveaway!




This Free contest will be open until March 27th 2011!!!

However, technically, people who check out my blog get 4 weeks to enter! People who only watch me on youtube will only have 3 weeks to enter. (B/c I won’t inform them about this contest until MARCH 6th!)

What you'll win:
$20 Cash, a brown/gray journal, dream catcher earrings, gold/ivory earrings, ivory pearl braided headband, nude shell ring, copper braided ring, a vintage angel holographic keychain, a shell-filled ring, and a turqoise vintage inspired ring! (the keychain would be especially cute as a pendant on a long necklace!)

How to Enter:
1. Must be a subscriber to my youtube channel.
2. Must be a follower on my blog. (Very simple to follow)
3. After subscribing/following—leave a comment below in this post answering the questions below. & leave your youtube username.

1. How was your day today? Was there/(What Is..) one thing that really made/(makes) you smile/happy, if so— why?

2. What would you like me to giveaway next time? Anything other than $$$?

3. What do you call a Monk that likes bananas?/ What is your all time favorite cheesy joke/pickup line?

/send in a comment below or via messege, if possible.


Feel free to vote on the poll I set up on my blog. I’ve been receiving several requests & don’t know which ones you guys would want to see the most!

Current Poll Topic: Which requests would you like me to do?

Thanks so much lovelies!

Don’t forget to comment, follow, vote, & subscribe <3

[ps--& no, your answer to #3 doesn’t have to be correct.]

[PSS- i also feel like it's not always fair to do random contests.. some people are so kind & put so much effort into their comment & i feel these sweet people deserve a chance to win! This time, this contest will not be chosen randomly! Of course, I'm not going to chose anyone who seem's like they're just sucking up. (I can tell b/c if you've never left a comment or anything to me before...). Even though you've never left me a comment before, you can still win though! The most real, honest, and geniune person can also be chosen as a winner. It all depends on me/my possible judges! Have fun with this one! ;)

[PSSS- Pretty Little Lairs on tonight! Yeee, I hope I'll have time to watch! It's so interesting, & I also love their outfits.. ;) <3]

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dear Lovelies, I don't know chiz...

So this weeks post is going to have to be a short one because, as a procrastinator, I didn't finish all of my weekend homework yet! I've also been incredibly slow & laggy form the sickness! I had it since probably last Tuesday but it didn't really get that bad till' this weekend! I have a light/wimpy cough but it hurts. I also think I have a fever. Those aren't the weird symptoms though! While I was taking a shower I suppose I scratched myself (although I don't recall) and it left this incredibly huge scar type thing. As if a bear came up & scratched my thigh without me noticing! It's been over a day now and the red, bumpless, lines are still there. It doesn't hurt though so I'm not too concerned... I also woke up with incredibly sore arms! Like sooo bad. I could barely pick things up, and it hurt's even when I'm relaxed & trying to sleep. It makes it much more difficult to sleep so this does concern me! Has anyone ever had this happen to them? Any advice?

Oh! I also wanted to make a little shoutout to Angelina. After reading her comment on my previous post, I reread my post and saw how horribly awkward, personal, and depressing it was! I can't believe I even wrote all that negative stuff. (i tend to be an optimist/realist). But yeah I'd really like to thank Angelina for waking me up! She simply commented "It's alright, girl. chin up :) Life will still be good to you!" & something as little as that really made me realize how overdramatic I was and how, well, yeah, I think you guys get the cheese! Thanks dear!

Lastly, In a few 'dear lovelies' posts ago I asked you guys what I should invest on with my saved money! I got no feedback. Hahahah. So here's another attempt to get recommendations on what to do & such! However, it changed a tad! Haha the Sony Nex3 is quite out of my price range because not only do you need to buy the cam, but there's also so much other camera lens information that I don't know chiz about. Too complicated. So I found another Point&Shoot/DSLR that I think could work better! The Canon Sx30 IS is more affordable & probably much more convenient for me! I also don't have to worry about the complication of lens&such! But yeah, tell me what you guys think & if you have any suggestions? If you're wondering why I'm considering a new cam, it's because I want you guys to be able to see better quality photos/videos. Unless you guys think the cam I have now is already decent quality? & instead do you think I should just stick w/ spending money on clothes for more OOTDs & fashion videos? I'm not sure what to do! Kks, this is already a lot of writing & i'm behind schedule!


[ps--does anyone know if it actually hailed/snowed in L.A?! do tell!]

Friday, February 25, 2011

Eyes of a Perfectionist

Cardigan: Forever 21
Top: Mom's Closet
Jeans: Pacsun
Necklace: Claire's
Ring: Urban Outfitters

To start off I'd like to point out that even though my first photo contains 'distortions,' (fun backround editing provided by photobucket effects) it doesn't mean I distort my body. I never distort myself. Whatever I look like in photos is how I naturally look. If I appear skinner, or heavier, I did not do it by editing by any means. I just distorted the first photo because I find @home/inside OOTDs boring. Whenever I do edit my photos it's usually just to resize it & make the color/contrast brighter. I like a nice pi-zazz to my photos! I really did like the lighting though! The sun's rays were shining through a large window behind me leaving a giant light on the floor which made the photo have a really iridescent feel/look. So this outfit doesn't completely match but that's what I really love about it! It was originally a pair of loonngg shorts that my mom had (vintage) & I just simply cut it into a tube top! Someting else real cool bout' it is the way I cut it made it have a really unique slit down the center and to "V"'s on the sides! (photo#3) Oh! Is it just me or does the lighting in photo#2 actually make my hair look like it's ombre'd? (some of the sun's rays probably hit my hair when I took the photo making it look lighter). So yeah, I love it. I want something like that. It looks pretty natural to me too. Hmm..:) So my english class is reading Beloved by Toni Morrison! I didn't think I'd like the book at first but it's actually pretty... alright? It's pretty complex (the mystery involved). Morrison really put twists in the story. Lots of analysis involved. I'm enjoying it though.

Oh deaarr, so I don't know if you guys really want to know about my big attendace issue.. If you do, feel free to continue reading this section:) Okay, so I'm on the tennis team. Our season has been over since the beginning of December. My friend decided not to go to off season this year but I still wanted to play varsity next year so decided to continue going to off season without her. The thing is that we do EVERY tennis related thing togethor. She's my doubles partner & the other tennisers literally only see us playing tennis togethor. If one's not there then neither is the other. It's like a package. The "left hand & the right hand" ;) My coach once saw me heading towards the bus for an away game without my partner & asked where my left hand was. Hah. (she was on the way) So since she hasn't gone to offseason I've been lazy, sad, & too lonesome without my left hand.. I ended up skipping tennis for 3 entire weeks. I figured it'd be okay since many other girls do it, and the coaches are incredibly chill... oh boy, this sure did backfire. Just yesturday I recieved a call of an absence. I check the portal online & see I have 5 truancies & 4 absences! I was hecka scared b/c I thought classes ditched during the day (w/o parents signing you out of school) can't be excused. I'm pretty sure that's what they'd tell me in previous years. So I'm spazzing out from stress. I thought I was finally done stressing out for the week too, but I was clearly wrong (I had two huge tests on the same day early in the week WHICH I surprising got an A on! <3 Only 1 other kid in my class got an A). So yeah, I check the portal nearly everyday & knew that all these absences weren't posted earlier. The school didn't even warn me so I was pissed. I told my parents & of course, a fight arose. Next day (friday/today) my mom comes to school to talk to my counselor (I thought she was just going to try to get my absences cleared). In the end, she dropped my tennis class. Without my knowledge. I was shocked. I felt like I lost a purpose in my life... the only one sport I've ever been good at--gone. I already knew after highschool I'd probably rarely play tennis & I thought that day wouldn't come until after Senior year. It all just happened so fast. I regret not going to practice.. I just felt so alone whenever I played & felt it was kinda pointless. Practice lasts from 2-3 but I wouldn't even get out to the courts till 2:15 (to change & use the restroom) & would have to leave at 2:50. The first 15-20 mins would also be used to ru around. All I really wanted was to play tennis with my left handed partner.. Now I'll probably rarely ever get to play tennis again. I realized dropping tennis is saying goodbye to the kind tennisers, coaches, the feeling of a victory, the bond, and the sport. I'm also still stressed because I don't know if colleges/Uc's will look @ the dropped sport badly.. I hope not. Well yeah, attendances are cleared except for one but I honestly dgaf. I just regret it. I regret so much right now. I've made lazy choices this year and I regret so much of it. I guess you could say I'm pretty bummed at this point.. I'm still figuring things out. I'll tell you guys when I smile and laugh for real again...

Sorry for all the reading. I just have so much on my mind. It may not seem like a big deal, what's going on, but behind the wheel of a perfectionist--every small turn leads to a whole new destination.

Thanks for reading, much appreciated,

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dear Lovelies, You are absolutely awesomesauceee...


My mom has been getting on my nerves to another level. For the past two weekends she hasn't been letting me go on the internet, usually Sunday. She thinks this way I'll do my homework & study all day.. you'd think after all these years she'd realize the more she threats me and forces me to study the less I'll actually do it. Redunkulous. It's pretty late right now but I managed to get her to let me go online! I just chose a random last minute photo I had (actually taken with my ipod Touch 4g)! The photo seems a tad awkward to me but, eh, it's all I had. 3 day weekend, woo! ~ (i probably won't be allowed online tomorrow though.. :( ) & yeee i'm so excited my youtube has nearly reached 750! (2 more to go!) this means I'll have my 4th free giveaway before my 3rd one even finishes haha! Thanks again guys, you are absolutely awesomesauceee.

So now that a majority of the time I'm internetless, what am I doing to entertain myself? FREE IPOD GAMES. y'know it! haha i've become quite beastly at "Unblock Me" & that one hamburger stacker game! haha! i created a 125$ burger today! I felt very accomplished! Hmm. Life is the same old same old for me.. Oh! I'm also thinking of "ombre" -ing my hair?! (not blonde though, that'd be too insane for me,personally). I'm not sure though because I have virgin hair (never dyed). This also means that if someone asks if my hair is naturally as light as it is I can't say it is. (my hair naturally turns light in sunlight). Hahah, but I think the whole ombre looking is pretty unique if it's .. "done right" --can I even say that? Haha I'm just thinking of a lighter/light/some sort of brown at the bottom. To enhance it I suppose. Nothing too extreme; I want to keep it somewhat natural. What do you guys think? "Go!" or "No, don't go!" ?

I've also saved up some money after Chinese New Years & all but not sure what to spend it on! haha. I'm thinking either a fuji film instax mini 25, better camera for bloggin'/videos, spring/summer clothes, or a new bikini for swimmin' this summer (total for bikini = $70). I have pros and cons for everything & stuck in a Rut :(

Oh! Tons of people have been asking about my purse! (first revealed/shown in my DIY Back Buttoned Top Video). I really want to tell you all but I've been planning on telling you all everything about it in a "What's in my Bag" Video. I was planning on doing one in a little while. Waiting for a day where I feel appropriate.. (i don't even know what I'm going on about it's just that I feel like right now isn't a good time for a What's in my Bad Video). Maybe it's because I still owe you guys so many other things such as a DIY Cardigan? I'm not really sure.. hahah I'll tell y'all once I figure out this cheese!


Aztec Inspired Nails!

So I just found the cutest nail design last week and attempted to replicate it! I'd say it came out pretty darn spiffy! It took me nearly 3 hours but that's because I was trying to make a video on how to do it for youtube at the same time. It probably would've taken me around 2 hours if I didn't record... but totally worth it! I'm really digging the creativity & art involved in this design! It's so one-of-a-kind & something really difficult to try to copy so you won't see many people with this look. On my right hand I reaaally wasn't in the mood to spend another 2-3 hours so stuck with a plain neutral pale pink kinda color! I'm really digging the overall look though because I can keep my aztec left hand accessory-less and wear tons of rings on my right hand just to balance out the... intensity? haha. So yeaaaup, I'm currently uploading the vid so check that out if you're interested! I realize the step-by-step photos aren't the best (my camera clearly doesn't focus well) so if you guys have any Qz feel free to chat me up! Oh & if you guys can't tell I did change th look/colors around for a few nails.. :)


My Nails:

Good Luck!,

Saturday, February 19, 2011

DIY/HOW TO: Back Buttoned Top

[PHOTOs below follow in sequence with the Steps :) ]

Step 1: Make a Fold about half an inch in the center or where ever you desire. Temporarily secure with Pins. Take some pen & mark dots along the fold as a reference to where your buttons will go. I made mine about 2 inches apart from one another.
Step 2: With a Double Layered thread, sew through back side near/on dot. Make sure everything you sew in this Project is only on the back side. You don't want to get it stuck to the front. If you don't know how to sew, it's very basic what we're doing today. Take a your string & close off the end by tying a fat knot. Sew through & no worries, the string won't fly through b/c of the knot! :)
Step 3: Slide your button through the needle.
Step 4: Take needle with button and sew back through near the dot. Do these several times for a nice hold. Once you're done looping, end with a knot.
Step 5: If you didn't start your button at the very top or end it at the very bottom you can still close/line up the fold by stitching down the fold. (see photo #5).
Tadaaaa, you're finished! Easily done in 1,2,3,4,5 steps! Hope you enjoyed, & have fun expiramenting! The top shown in this post is completely personalized. If you'd like to see an OOTD with this top then stay tuned because I'm making a post & uploading a video on it after I show you guys How to Add lace to a Plain Bandeau :) [b/c i thought a lace bandeau would really complete the look!] Until then, you can click here to check out my video on youtube on how I customized/created this top!

To actually watch me create this shirt, check out the video below!

Later Lovelies,

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dear Lovelies, There's this boy..

?: So you're probably wondering what this 'Dear Lovelies..' post is about. I just thought it'd be a fun way for you guys to know more about me/ my week! I'll probably post a photo or two that I took during the week & write about random things that went on, and such--mostly the most interesting/intense things (i'm not saying this post will be anywhere near exciting considering my life is, mm, gah). It's not a fashion related post but a 'get to know me' typa thing! Well I hope this entertains some of you and gives you some sort of look at who I am & what I have to put up with everyday. (haha kidding of course, I'm quite fortunate of my lifestyle). So yeah! The Title will pretty much always start off with "Dear Lovelies, ...." as if talking in a diary! Then I'll end the title with something :)

Let's start this! So my photo was taken at my Gpa/Gma's house, (grandpa/grandma), during a birthday party :) Shout out to Tracy Nguyen /Happy Birthday! I was taking most of the Vday inspired OOTD photos right infront of their house so it was pretty awkward haha. I spent the entire four hours taking photos for my blog, editing my Tshirt Reconstruction Video, & then Posting the OOTD in my blog. I felt bad because I was hecka slowing down my older cousins internet. HAH, sorry. ^^; I was able to sit on my butt for 4 hours w/ the help of two cookies, Chocolate Kisses, and a cupcake. IF you guys never knew--I have a major sugar addiction. I'm probably going to start calming down on the sugar hahah.. Oh! I got the kisses from a Choir Concert @ my School! There were so many great singers! It was crazy inspiring, once I got home @ 10 I was singing and dancing to myself for the next 2 hours! I especially loved Pearl covered by Janelle<3

Oh, So there's this boy at my school. He's a good friend of mine & I'm quite worried cause' I think he's got the hots for me... I don't know why, I'm really not that great or cute. I make weird faces w/o realizing it and, well, I'm pretty much weird. He keeps asking to hang out togethor alone and I just feel so awkward b/c he's my friend. & I can't see him as anything more.. Gah! School, brings much stress and frustration. OHHHH. On the GREATside, remember how I was gone from youtube for a good month for studies?! I GOT MY REPORT CARD. So w/ PE & all I managed to get a 4.2!!! (or 4.3 can't quite remember). You have no idea how happy I was! I have dark circles under my dark eye bags from staying up late to study! (if you guys didn't know I have 7 class periods a day & i'm the type to always have my hw done). So my GPA still sucks and my parents aren't satisfied. I'm determined to really start trying (hopefully i will..) in order to get atleast a 4.0 GPA once I graduate. I also need to get atleast 2000 on the SATs for my parents.. Gah. So much stress. I think this is enough boring school talk for now. Sorry if I snoozefested you guys. hehe tanks for reading!

Much Love, aivy!

//p.s--feel free to cmnt me w/ any questions, cmnts, advise, w/e, or even share your week/past/goals/w.e in these "Dear Loveslies" posts! Let's just all get to know eachother c:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

No One saw it, but their Shadows were Holding Hands

Cardigan: Delias
Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Necklace: Claires
Ring: Flea Market
Shoes: Pacsun

Talofa, friends! That'd be 'hello' in Samoa! (No, I am not currently in Samoa..) aha. Since it's almost Valentines Day I thought I'd attempt a girly, romantic look for ya guys with a twist of pattern mixing! I don't know if you guys noticed but I'm also wearing makeup! Well eyemakeup atleast! The eyeshadow doesn't show up much in the photo (I wwas also keeping it toned down) but, yeah, I kinda liked it! I messed up a little but eh, what do you expect from a makeup nubbie like me? I used a Champagn on my inner cornerish, then a more bronzey/copper on the outter half. In the crease I used some sort of darker brown Amber/Copper typa color! It was so bright out, it looks like I'm not wearing any eyeshadow! QQ. Ah, oh wells! What do you guys think? Makeup seems fun but I don't know if it's my thing. It just looks so obvious when I'm wearing makeup & seems unnatural on me. :/ Hm, anyways, back to clothes! Yeah, I mixed Florals w/ Dots not biggie. Hope this inspires you guys & gives you snazzy Vday outfit ideas whether you're out with your guy or your gals!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Shop till ya Drop

Here's just a few website/stores that I wanted to share w/ y'alls! (incase some of you have never heard of them, etc). These are just a few of my favorite stores that have an online website that I enjoy browsing in my free time ;) What are your favorite stores to shop at? I'm sure some of you are tired of shopping at the same stores all the time, why don't we all share our personal liked stores :)

[NOTE: I am not paid to advertise these stores. These are honest, personal, opinions/thoughts].

Forever 21 is probably known by just about everyone ;) I just wanted to post the website up incase someone out there doesn't know about this wonderful place. They have pretty much every clothing style imaginable varying from their heritage line to their children's line! I don't think it's the best place to shop if you have a thing for band tee's (like hot topic) or something along those lines. You'll probably see more girly clothes here with the occassional grunge-y peices. I shop here way more than I realize.. there's times where I don't always like forever 21 just because their clothes aren't always very original. By unoriginal I mean you can walk into some other asian fashion store (such as Fashion Q)  can find similar things. Overall, considering all the f21 shopping bags I have stuffed under my bed, I def like this place :)

Urban Outfitters is also another quite popular store that I'd like to share! (Just incase some of you guys don't know about this place!) So yeah, I personally believe it's more chic than forever 21. They also sell really cool modern vintage inspired cameras here! There shoes are the comfiest but definitly one of the cutest. They have pretty unique tops at times & I really dig the vibe from this place. The store is pretty creative and has an attic type vibe. Well that's how I feel when I come ;) The variety of clothes her aren't as vast as forever 21's but if you like vintage style clothes then this place is sublime. However, I've noticed that urban outfitters is quite more expensive than forever21. In general, it's a great place. You can find things such as paint, journals, and cameras here that you can't at Forever21 or many other clothing stores.

80's Purple! Has anyone heard of this place? I've just recently discovered it! I have one near my area but never actually shopped there :/ I've seen their online website though & they have some pretty cute stuff! They really remind me of urban outfitters--except more expensive! They sell similar styles of clothes & also sells extra things such as iphone cases. Not as many extra non-clothing items as Urban though.. HOWEVER, I was really drawn in by this website because of their accessories! They have so many unique rings, earrings, and necklaces! Even a disney couture line! Sooo cute! I don't what it is about this website but it really inspires me. I'll update you guys on my thoughts of this place if I ever check it out irl!

Zipia. I heard about this place from someone and all I can say is it's niicee. It's one of those asian websites (as in websites founded/run in asia). However, instead of the complicated ways to order from Asia (i.e finding someone from asia who will order it for you then you pay additional shipping usually costing around $30) there's international shipping. So shipping shouldn't be more then what you buy :) I've never actually ordered anything from this website yet (but am planning to..) but I've heard from people their clothes are very nice quality and there's usually more details to the clothing then it seems. (i.e a cool pocket on a shirt you've never noticed?!). What I really liked about this website was how in the preview section the model has atleast 5 or so photos so you get a really good visual of how the clothes look! The only thing I dont really like is how I can't view more than one clothing item at a time. QQ. Tis' otay i'm sure i'll live.. ;)


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekly Inspiration ft. Natural in Nature

I'm not only inspired by fashion photography, & etc, but nature also plays a role. Just looking at a photo of nature in it's elegant environment inspires me. It makes me want to go out and do something while looking just as elegant.

Anyone here interested in photography? I'm leaning into the art, but I know pretty much nothing about cameras/etc. I'm really into capturing memories & all that jazz & can't think of a better way than getting into photography. Any suggestions? Feel free to share some of your photography/inspirational photos here c: The world needs more inspiration...


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lust for Life

"Never frown, because you never know when someone is falling in love with your smile."
Photographer :: BaoKevin Tran
(vintage) Coat: Mom's Closet
(vintage) Romper: Mom's Closet
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Lips: L'Oréal Compact Lipstain /Diane's Tuberose

So I'm pretty darn excited that my attempt to tell my subscribers on youtube about my blog is a success (so far). I've gained quite a few followers so I'm pretty much a happy camper! As a sweet treat, I'm posting another OOTD! I'd say I'm on fire this week--3 OOTD posts (so far)! As for my outfit, idk if you guys can tell but I tried something new // romper as a shirt! Yeup, tucked that bad boy in good! I've been in a really floral/lace mood [all over again]; it's so hard to get tired of lace, florals, and pretty much everything gorgeous. &Ha! Anyone notice the diff in my photos? Full body shots. I finally got someone to take full photos for me;) & If you're wondering where I am, I'm actually in a cemetery.. Ironic/Shocking right?! The photos seem so full of life! I guess the moral of this segment is to expect the unexpected, possibly even... to expect yourself to gain tons of weight after mercilessly devouring an entire box of cookies. Gah, those darn cookies <3


Friday, February 4, 2011

3rd FREE GIVEAWAY (closed!)

OVER 500 SUBSCRIBERS, woot! <3

This Free contest will be open for 3 weeks! (Ends Feb. 25th 2011)

What you'll win: free $25 giftcard to macys & SURPRISE GIFT. (maybe even cash)

How to Enter:

1. Must be a subscriber to my youtube channel.

2. Must be a follower on my blog. (Very simple to follow)

3. After subscribing/following--send a message or cmnt (to this post) answering the questions given below.


1. Do you think it's a good idea for me to make a blog? Explain

2. What do you think of my blog so far? Any suggestions to make it better?

3. What youtube video/post would you like to see next?

/send in a comment below or via message, if possible.

Feel free to vote on the poll I set up on my blog. The votes, will help me determine what type of vid to do next! Thanks so much lovelies!

Comment, Rate, Subscribe,

Love, FOS

Winter's Garden

Cardigan: Forever 21
Long Skirt (Worn  as a Dress): Thrift Store
Belt: Nordstrom
Tights: Target
Ring: Flea Market
Earrings: Love Culture

A lot has been going on in my life but dressing up never seems to disappoint! Chinese New Years was yesturday and my family will be celebrating it this weekend. With my asian math skills, I've calculated that I'll have enough to possibly buy a fujifilm instax mini 25. For those if you who've never heard of it it's pretty much a modern version of the old school polaroid camera. It instantly prints out photos. The photos are smaller and not quite the same, but I'd say it's still pretty snazzy! PS- i realize wearing this long skirt as a dress make me look like I have saggy boobs, or even a thick waist.. I guaruntee it's not that awful in real life:) (hopefully...) haha. Sorry for the poor quality photos, I'm still figuring out how I want my photos taken. Well overall, today is Friday, I'm looking spiffy, and I'm collecting Chinese New Years money today. Life's Good.