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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dear Lovelies, There's this boy..

?: So you're probably wondering what this 'Dear Lovelies..' post is about. I just thought it'd be a fun way for you guys to know more about me/ my week! I'll probably post a photo or two that I took during the week & write about random things that went on, and such--mostly the most interesting/intense things (i'm not saying this post will be anywhere near exciting considering my life is, mm, gah). It's not a fashion related post but a 'get to know me' typa thing! Well I hope this entertains some of you and gives you some sort of look at who I am & what I have to put up with everyday. (haha kidding of course, I'm quite fortunate of my lifestyle). So yeah! The Title will pretty much always start off with "Dear Lovelies, ...." as if talking in a diary! Then I'll end the title with something :)

Let's start this! So my photo was taken at my Gpa/Gma's house, (grandpa/grandma), during a birthday party :) Shout out to Tracy Nguyen /Happy Birthday! I was taking most of the Vday inspired OOTD photos right infront of their house so it was pretty awkward haha. I spent the entire four hours taking photos for my blog, editing my Tshirt Reconstruction Video, & then Posting the OOTD in my blog. I felt bad because I was hecka slowing down my older cousins internet. HAH, sorry. ^^; I was able to sit on my butt for 4 hours w/ the help of two cookies, Chocolate Kisses, and a cupcake. IF you guys never knew--I have a major sugar addiction. I'm probably going to start calming down on the sugar hahah.. Oh! I got the kisses from a Choir Concert @ my School! There were so many great singers! It was crazy inspiring, once I got home @ 10 I was singing and dancing to myself for the next 2 hours! I especially loved Pearl covered by Janelle<3

Oh, So there's this boy at my school. He's a good friend of mine & I'm quite worried cause' I think he's got the hots for me... I don't know why, I'm really not that great or cute. I make weird faces w/o realizing it and, well, I'm pretty much weird. He keeps asking to hang out togethor alone and I just feel so awkward b/c he's my friend. & I can't see him as anything more.. Gah! School, brings much stress and frustration. OHHHH. On the GREATside, remember how I was gone from youtube for a good month for studies?! I GOT MY REPORT CARD. So w/ PE & all I managed to get a 4.2!!! (or 4.3 can't quite remember). You have no idea how happy I was! I have dark circles under my dark eye bags from staying up late to study! (if you guys didn't know I have 7 class periods a day & i'm the type to always have my hw done). So my GPA still sucks and my parents aren't satisfied. I'm determined to really start trying (hopefully i will..) in order to get atleast a 4.0 GPA once I graduate. I also need to get atleast 2000 on the SATs for my parents.. Gah. So much stress. I think this is enough boring school talk for now. Sorry if I snoozefested you guys. hehe tanks for reading!

Much Love, aivy!

//p.s--feel free to cmnt me w/ any questions, cmnts, advise, w/e, or even share your week/past/goals/w.e in these "Dear Loveslies" posts! Let's just all get to know eachother c: