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Friday, April 22, 2011

Where are these issues coming from?

It seems like whenever I'm on a role with youtube, someone comes out from who knows where and enjoys tossing bad luck my way! I'm having "technical" issues once again : ( . This time, I'm not sure when it'll be fixed. So my my family, and I pretty much all share one laptop. Just 2 days ago my brother goes on for awhile, playing his Black Ops, only to see a spontaneously ended game and a black screen. Our laptop has not turned in since then. I honestly thought it was going to explode since I started hearing crazy ticking noises coming from it even though it was supposed to be off.. Creepy! Well yeah, my dad just sent the laptop to try & get it fixed & until it is, I have no idea how I'm going to be able to upload videos! (I'm currently borrowing a computer). Editing & uploading takes awhile so I'm hoping the laptop is fixed soon! Gah, this would happen... right when I was about to do my first lookbook, thrift w/ me video, birthday haul, & all the other fun stuff! I'm really hoping we won't have to get a new laptop or get all the memory deleted just because I have a majority of the recorded segments on there.. :'( Ahh nuts, The thrift with my scenes were incredibly good too... D ; ! So there's not much else to say except I'm crossing my fingers & hoping for the best! Man, camera's going to be sad... haha.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DIY: Bird Nest Ring


Want to learn how to make a bird nest ring? It's a lot simpler than it looks! No need for a ring? No Worries! After making the bird nest you have the option of making it into whatever you want whether it's a charm for your keychain, a pendant, or even earrings! In the video below, I demonstrate how you can turn your bird's nest into a ring. Hope you enjoy, and good luck!

Much Love,

Dear Lovelies, No Regrets


"Dear Lovelies, .." am I even spelling Lovelies right?! Hahah,What a shame. So incase you guys were expecting a Birfday Post I'm just going to tell you now that it won't be up until after Saturday of April 23rd! ;o It's literally impossible for me show you guys how my birthday went since, well, we haven't celebrated it yet! You're probably wondering how a person could possibly post-pone their birthday but, well, it's what we had to do & I guess it's not that bad of a situation for me since post-poning seems to be something both my family & I do often.. xD (*Refers back to the many times I've had to post-pone a Giveaway). Hahah. I mean, I know I never cared for turning 16 since 17 was the specal number in my mind, but celebrating it a week late isn't something to complain about right? I'm fortunate that I even get to live to 17 & have the opportunity to eventually celebrate it! : ) Hmm.. where is this optimism coming from?! Probably from you all & the fact that I don't have to stress about school this week (TGI-SPING BREAK!<3). The only thing holding me back at this point is knowing that I reaally to get my assignments for school done.. I'm procrastinating so far just so I can meet my Spring Break Youtube/Blog Goals & to just DIY a buttload of stuffs. Gah. Recap: I need to start my Spanish Project, study for a Math Test, study for a Science Test, Take a Mock AP Exam Free Response Test for AP Stats, Start the 21 Page Science NoteBook. Gah! In the beginning of the Recap I actually thought I didn't have as much work to do as anticipated xD Looking at it now, it might take awhile.. OKAY, I'm determined! I'll start some of my HW today! If I can get it all done by Sat, I can celebrate stress-free & then go on a full shopping day on Sunday!

I still need to go to a thrift store & record random shopping scenes & do that Thrift w/ me Vid! I've only got Swapt Meet Scenes so far though : '( They're pretty good scenes, atleast?! I felt so awk pulling out my new fat Camera Recording their items haha... ahh! Swapt Meet Trip, I almost forgot to tell you! There was an incredibly AWK moment for me there! Even more than the recording! Hahah, would you guys like to know about it? So I was just browsing around & suddenly someone taps me on the shoulder. By instinct I wondered "Dangit, what'd I do this time?!" I turn to see a hispanic fellow about my age. I first thought that e wanted to know the time so I was ready to whip up my Panda Watch! Oh man, was I off. When he started talking I couldn't really understand him since he had a moderately strong Spanish accent. I felt bad for being unable to understand him.. Having to ask "Wait, What? What? .. Er, hold uh.. what was that again?" I was almost willing to ask him to speak to me in Spanish really slowly instead! ; o So after awhile I finally realize what he was getting at. He pretty much said that He's never done anything like this before, but he was following me for a little while now, watching me, not intending to disrespect me, and wanted to know if I had a boyfriend. He said I was pretty. Hahahaha.. I was standing there ( hopefully my mouth didn't drop) thinking if this was really happening! No guy ever has had such direct confidence to come up to me, without knowing me, and asking me such a question. I didn't know how to respond. I just flat out told him "No, I don't but I'm not really looking for one either.." AWK much? He kinda just stood there & I didn't really know what to say next. I didn't want to just flat out run away because that would've been rude, right? So I winged it & just said something like "Oh, that's really sweet though, and thanks for being so nice, You just made my day" ...awk? Then he just goes along saying "Oh well it's okay if you're not looking for one I just really wanted to know & I didn't want to regret not asking. We can always start off as friends or something" Pretty strange that he said he didn't want to regret not asking since I bought a snazzy shirt saying "NO REGRETS" just earlier! Haha, so yeah, I got freaked out after awhile & just said, "Well it was nice meeting you! See you... ?" and went off. I went down 2 tents & he found me again but this time with his phone number in his hand. I "gladly" accepted it. & This time there was a handshake and I went far off.. Such a shame that I couldn't go back down that isle because there was a neat cognac colored watch I wanted! Ahh, oh wells.. So to this day I haven't called/texted him. Do you think I should not call him not matter how this may make him feel, or should I actually text him up--even though this puts my time & emotions at risk? (Emotions as in I have a big heart & if I start talking to him, I wouldn't want to be rude so I'd keep playing nice even though I don't want any guy distractions in my life.. Well, atleast from the ones that I don't know & am not into..)

Hahaha oka, enough of my pathetic boy-drama hat I can barely classify as "trouble" xD! Let's got on to some show-and tell? Just this morning I designed/painted a new shirt! Every since doing my starry nails tutorial I've been really wanting to paint a night-like shirt! I just love the look & depths of the deviated colors! So here's the look with the cut-outs, and paint. As you can tell, I kept the colors in a circular form--just to attempt a copy-cat style from the many shirts on youreyeslie. I reaally love there outer-space screen printed Ts. Simply gorgeous. So my cheaper alternative was painting one myself. It's still ot nearly as nice as a printed digital photo but I suppose it works. I'd have to say the Cosmic Spot Tunic is my favorite of them all. I may just save up to get it sometime! Darn Shipping&Handling. Gets ya every time.
I also added a white moon just so the night sky wouldn't look like a huge moon by itself. Ooh, & I felt a little rebellious so made some cut-outs on the back ; ) Teehee! It was fun & literally took no time.Welp, this was a lot of writing (reading for you guys) so I'm going to start some HW now & allow your eyes to rest! ; )

See you Soon Racoon!,

Monday, April 18, 2011

DIY: Button Studs

It's very simple, fun, and unique! I love vintage buttons on an outfit & always thought they'd be beautiful if they were studs! So today's the day where you can learn to make some of your own! Have fun! : ) & If you do make some of your own, feel free to share photos or share how it went/came out! :D I don't know about you guys but I technically got 5 new pairs of Studs today so I'm pretty stoked ; )

Much Love,
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Bag!

Soo.. I actually got a new purse... HAH. I have issues. I'm pretty addicted to purses... I can't to seem to have one for any longer than 3 months! : '( So I decided since I was asked like mad on where I got my purse & whether it's real or not--I'll tell you! I was going to save it for when I do a "What's in my Purse" thing but.. I already got a new one :p So to start off, No, it's not a real Alexa Mulberry Bag! I don't exactly have over $1000 in my budget. Ahaha. So the second I first saw the Alexa I fell in love! I wanted to find some cheaper alternative because I knew I'd probably switch purses in no time (& I was right..) so yeah! I'd say I'm pretty much an Alexa Mulberry expert by now! I know the basics on where the Mulberry tree should be and the inside appearance & all that! So Part 2 of this post! Where did  I get it? EBAY. Redic, right?! When I was hunting for a copy cat Alexa I def wanted one that is decent quality, somewhat legit looking, bigger, and yeah. So I'd have to say the seller I found had great ones! It doesn't have the logo though, which is GOOD, in a sense, since technically it's an alexa mulberry INSPIRED purse instead of a FAKE one. It has the look but not trying to fake itself by calling itself an alexa. Well anyways, haha. I found it from the seller named kelvin_0427. The total for me was (w/ shipping & tax) nearly $90. I'd say it's a much better alternative than $1000+ but still a bit pricey.. well.. if you only use it for 3 months : /. I'm pretty sure the one I got was in  dark brown. What I reaally loved about it, even more than the legit alexa, is the color of the dark brown. It kinda has a very faint/subtle print to it. Almost like a leopard print.. like with a few darker brown patches.. nothing extreme. It makes the bag have more depth I guess you could say? Here's a quickie review for yo guys if you checked out the seller & are really contemplating on whether you should get it or not!

+ Color
+ Size (Very Large)
+ the braided strap is very sturdy & strong
+ Incredibly cute (I find it way more cute than the legit one!)
+ More affordable than the real Alexa
+ Shipping was VERY fast, especially since it came from the UK
+ Much more realistic & HQ looking compared to other wannabe Alexa's on Ebay

- Strap slightly worn down (leather kinda shaven off?) after less than 3 months..
- Metal center clasp left a light mark (discoloration) from the twisty part
- Random bits of back & lower rims of purse's leather kinda got "shaven" off? (don't know how to exlain)
- backside is a tad dirty.. darker
- Side Strap thing where it connects the front to the back has a small screw on the back. The screw on the font side keeps coming off because, for some reason, the stra hole got slightly stretched
- Bag gets a little saggy (too many items?)

So as you can see, I've faced a few issues with my gorgeous bag... such a shame. I still love it to death though, I honestly don't completely regret spending so much on it. It just needs some TLC? Even though the bag gets a little saggy, it's not really much of a con though. The slight sag is what really gives the bag that nice shape. Now, if you actually want a fake Alexa Mulberry I've also seen an incredibly legit looking one on I'm not sure if the link still works because the last time I checked there seems to be some sort of issue with the website. However, when I investigated the fake Alexa, it was made so greatly. It's actually made of the same soft buffalo leather the real alexa is made of. I guess the only difference is that it's not made the the Mulberry Co. Outside to inside, it was so similar. I think the texture of the bag may of been different for some reason though, but the inside looks really real too. Oh. But the bag on bagaholics is MUCH larger than the real one. Last time I checked, the small size on bagaholics is larger (or pretty much the same size) as the largest Alexa Mulberry sized bag. However, with all these great similarities, the price range also increased. I believe it was around $200-$300 but it looked incredibly legit.

So hopefully this post opens doors to finding your perfect bag! Whether you just want to have one for a while or whether you want to get something similar to the real deal! For me, the ebay one was actually a tester on whether or not I'd ever want to spend $1000 for a real one! Or atleast the bagaholics one! Seeing that I can't have a relationship with a purse for more than 3 months, I think I'll stick with the super cute & less expensive purses! ; ) Ey, nothing wrong with that right?! On the plus, I guess I can coordinate my purses with the seasons' weather, trends, & all that jazz? Hahaha, talk to you next time

Much Love,

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Technical Issues Update

So it's my birthday today! <333
I don't feel any older but I'm going to write a seperate post about my day tomorrow : )
So if you're wondering why I don't have my giveaway announcement video up, yet, it's because my dad took the family camera (what I use to record) on his trip to Mexico without me knowing. So now the prerecorded announcement is most likely at some buffet in Mexico in the hand's of my father. Gah. BUT, the reason why I'm not incredibly worried about the issue is because I got my OWN camera! So exciting! It's my first personal camera & now I can record whenever I want without the worry of my parents seeing anything >: ) !!!! I'm super stoked, I got the camera I wanted. I payed for a majority of it course, & the rest covered by the birthday money my parents gave :) UNFORTUNATELY, the camera package doesn't come with a memory card! How awful, I had no idea! So I was planning on uploading the giveaway announc. vid today w/ the new came but considering how I don't have a memory card, I'll have to do that tomorrow! Updates on my spring break aka preview of summer coming soon!

Much Love,
UPDATE; Videos I've decided to forsure do for you guys within this spring break:
-Giveaway Announc.
-Lace Bandeau Tutorial
-How I thrift/thrift with Me!
-Birthday Haul
-Shirt Customizations (DIY)
-DIY Jewelry (wire rings, feather accessories, button earrings..)
-Spring/Summer Lookbook

WOW, I sense my camera will be put into good use! Hopefully I can get all this done in one week! Wish me luck ; )

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Donde Estan los Tenedores encima de las Cucharas?!

Where the heck is "ForksOverSpoons" !?
Sorry I've been so MIA lately. Hopefully this post will answer all of your questions.

-No, I am not giving up on youtube! I've just been busy ltely & unable to inform you all. :'(
-I will start posting again once my SPRING BREAK (<3) starts! (April 15th)
-Since I alreaaady extended the Contest Giveaway (4th), I am not going to extend it again... Judges & I are meeting up this week to pick a winner! (Find out on April 15th!!)
-Videos for sure Coming Up: DIY Lace Bandeau, 4th Free Contest Giveaway Winner, BIRTHDAY HAUL!?

Okay s hopefully those cleared up the BIG Qs? If you have anymore, feel free to ask here! Hey, thanks for all the support guys & putting up with my issues. I've been lacking time these past weeks because my teachers are being inconvenient by having all there tests and such before Spring Break.. ;( SO,....... Just to try to make it up to you all.... I'VE DECIDED.... dramatic drum roll: ...... Over Spring break, I will have ATLEAST 1 video uploaded every other day. (i.e; a new video on a monday, maybe not tuesday, but then forsure wednesday..) & as for posts, I promise to have atleast I post uploaded per day! Hopefully I won't have any technical issues, but yeah! These are my goals & promises to you all! Just to let you know, my Spring Break will last from  April 15th-April24th. ALSO: I'm thinking of doing a massive Spring-Ready birthday haul?! I'll update you all on this sometime... I may even do the whole "how I thrift/thrift with me" & "DIY Jewelry" during this time since it was the most requested on my poll thing! Is it just me, or is anyone else really excited for this Spring Break?! Oh! & Just incase someone wants to know when my birthday is, it's on April 16th! :D I plan on persuading my mom to help me get a new cam so I guess you guys'll find out how successful that is if the quality of my vids or blog posts look any nicer ;D Ohhh! What I'm most excited for is either the massive Bday haul, orLOOKBOOK! I'm thinking of doing a whole spring trends fashion video, & I want to make it greaaatt. I'm just waiting for the haul & cam at this point... ;D

Thanks everyone for not unsubscribing to my youtube & unfollowed my blog<3 ;D


Saturday, April 2, 2011

31 Days of March

March. It's an awkward month where I live where both Winter & Spring Coexist. This month's favorite photos consist of a few winter themed looks but mostly spring styles. Anyone else excited for Spring? Making this month's favorites makes me really want to do an up-to-date shopping trip. As usual, I'm a sucker for florals an anything with a natural olor scheme. High Wasited shorts are really making it's way up my likes list this year too. What's everyone else's favorite part about Spring?

All numbers at bottom are respective to photos by row. So if you want to see a more specific persons outfit, see the credits!
*NOTE: This month's photos contain a few "multiple photos." Don't be confused though, it's all labeled the same.

H&M blazer - clutch Mar Y Sol bag - dany platform Jessica Simpson sandals - Kimccotton on dress - Parisian heelsstriped Wholesale-Dress blazerbrown leopard Louis Vuitton scarf - black pigalle Christian Louboutin heels - br
white Sweewe blouse - black Christian Louboutin heelsParisian shoes - Forever 21 shorts - Forever 21 accessorieschiffon American Apparel skirt - floral Topshop blouseheather gray print Wetseal dress - gold bangles bracelet - teal embroidered vint
red vintage shoes - charcoal gray vintage shirt - heather gray vintage shortssm department store shirt - H&M skirt - My trusty Forever 21 heelspantslight brown asos boots
Only dress - vintage hat - Miu Miu heelsblack Spring boots - cream Forever 21 blouse - dark brown Urban Outfitters belt camel striped Topshop shirt - light pink new look cardigan - black high waisted brown SM New York boots - black Forever21 hat - dark brown Forever21 jacket - bl
nude Monki hat - sky blue snidel sweater - ivory Zara skirt - gold kari ang heelneutral coach bag - camel Queens Wardrobe shorts - bronze vintage cape - dark brtawny seychelles boots - light blue modcloth dress - salmon H&M blazer - heather
blue Forever21 dress - brown charles albert shoes - gold Forever21 earrings - blgray Forever21 dress - brown Target belt - white Mothers Closet  shoes - orange black Forever21 dress - black papaya belt - brown Forever21 glasses - gold Forevblue Forever21 jumper - camel Forever21 shorts - dark brown cardigan - tawny cha

(Size of #s are enlarged at Random).

01, 02, 03, 04,
05, 06, 07, 08,
09, 10, 11, 12,
13, 14, 15, 16,
17, 18, 19, 20,
21, 22, 23, 24,