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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dear Lovelies, No Regrets


"Dear Lovelies, .." am I even spelling Lovelies right?! Hahah,What a shame. So incase you guys were expecting a Birfday Post I'm just going to tell you now that it won't be up until after Saturday of April 23rd! ;o It's literally impossible for me show you guys how my birthday went since, well, we haven't celebrated it yet! You're probably wondering how a person could possibly post-pone their birthday but, well, it's what we had to do & I guess it's not that bad of a situation for me since post-poning seems to be something both my family & I do often.. xD (*Refers back to the many times I've had to post-pone a Giveaway). Hahah. I mean, I know I never cared for turning 16 since 17 was the specal number in my mind, but celebrating it a week late isn't something to complain about right? I'm fortunate that I even get to live to 17 & have the opportunity to eventually celebrate it! : ) Hmm.. where is this optimism coming from?! Probably from you all & the fact that I don't have to stress about school this week (TGI-SPING BREAK!<3). The only thing holding me back at this point is knowing that I reaally to get my assignments for school done.. I'm procrastinating so far just so I can meet my Spring Break Youtube/Blog Goals & to just DIY a buttload of stuffs. Gah. Recap: I need to start my Spanish Project, study for a Math Test, study for a Science Test, Take a Mock AP Exam Free Response Test for AP Stats, Start the 21 Page Science NoteBook. Gah! In the beginning of the Recap I actually thought I didn't have as much work to do as anticipated xD Looking at it now, it might take awhile.. OKAY, I'm determined! I'll start some of my HW today! If I can get it all done by Sat, I can celebrate stress-free & then go on a full shopping day on Sunday!

I still need to go to a thrift store & record random shopping scenes & do that Thrift w/ me Vid! I've only got Swapt Meet Scenes so far though : '( They're pretty good scenes, atleast?! I felt so awk pulling out my new fat Camera Recording their items haha... ahh! Swapt Meet Trip, I almost forgot to tell you! There was an incredibly AWK moment for me there! Even more than the recording! Hahah, would you guys like to know about it? So I was just browsing around & suddenly someone taps me on the shoulder. By instinct I wondered "Dangit, what'd I do this time?!" I turn to see a hispanic fellow about my age. I first thought that e wanted to know the time so I was ready to whip up my Panda Watch! Oh man, was I off. When he started talking I couldn't really understand him since he had a moderately strong Spanish accent. I felt bad for being unable to understand him.. Having to ask "Wait, What? What? .. Er, hold uh.. what was that again?" I was almost willing to ask him to speak to me in Spanish really slowly instead! ; o So after awhile I finally realize what he was getting at. He pretty much said that He's never done anything like this before, but he was following me for a little while now, watching me, not intending to disrespect me, and wanted to know if I had a boyfriend. He said I was pretty. Hahahaha.. I was standing there ( hopefully my mouth didn't drop) thinking if this was really happening! No guy ever has had such direct confidence to come up to me, without knowing me, and asking me such a question. I didn't know how to respond. I just flat out told him "No, I don't but I'm not really looking for one either.." AWK much? He kinda just stood there & I didn't really know what to say next. I didn't want to just flat out run away because that would've been rude, right? So I winged it & just said something like "Oh, that's really sweet though, and thanks for being so nice, You just made my day" ...awk? Then he just goes along saying "Oh well it's okay if you're not looking for one I just really wanted to know & I didn't want to regret not asking. We can always start off as friends or something" Pretty strange that he said he didn't want to regret not asking since I bought a snazzy shirt saying "NO REGRETS" just earlier! Haha, so yeah, I got freaked out after awhile & just said, "Well it was nice meeting you! See you... ?" and went off. I went down 2 tents & he found me again but this time with his phone number in his hand. I "gladly" accepted it. & This time there was a handshake and I went far off.. Such a shame that I couldn't go back down that isle because there was a neat cognac colored watch I wanted! Ahh, oh wells.. So to this day I haven't called/texted him. Do you think I should not call him not matter how this may make him feel, or should I actually text him up--even though this puts my time & emotions at risk? (Emotions as in I have a big heart & if I start talking to him, I wouldn't want to be rude so I'd keep playing nice even though I don't want any guy distractions in my life.. Well, atleast from the ones that I don't know & am not into..)

Hahaha oka, enough of my pathetic boy-drama hat I can barely classify as "trouble" xD! Let's got on to some show-and tell? Just this morning I designed/painted a new shirt! Every since doing my starry nails tutorial I've been really wanting to paint a night-like shirt! I just love the look & depths of the deviated colors! So here's the look with the cut-outs, and paint. As you can tell, I kept the colors in a circular form--just to attempt a copy-cat style from the many shirts on youreyeslie. I reaally love there outer-space screen printed Ts. Simply gorgeous. So my cheaper alternative was painting one myself. It's still ot nearly as nice as a printed digital photo but I suppose it works. I'd have to say the Cosmic Spot Tunic is my favorite of them all. I may just save up to get it sometime! Darn Shipping&Handling. Gets ya every time.
I also added a white moon just so the night sky wouldn't look like a huge moon by itself. Ooh, & I felt a little rebellious so made some cut-outs on the back ; ) Teehee! It was fun & literally took no time.Welp, this was a lot of writing (reading for you guys) so I'm going to start some HW now & allow your eyes to rest! ; )

See you Soon Racoon!,