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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Donde Estan los Tenedores encima de las Cucharas?!

Where the heck is "ForksOverSpoons" !?
Sorry I've been so MIA lately. Hopefully this post will answer all of your questions.

-No, I am not giving up on youtube! I've just been busy ltely & unable to inform you all. :'(
-I will start posting again once my SPRING BREAK (<3) starts! (April 15th)
-Since I alreaaady extended the Contest Giveaway (4th), I am not going to extend it again... Judges & I are meeting up this week to pick a winner! (Find out on April 15th!!)
-Videos for sure Coming Up: DIY Lace Bandeau, 4th Free Contest Giveaway Winner, BIRTHDAY HAUL!?

Okay s hopefully those cleared up the BIG Qs? If you have anymore, feel free to ask here! Hey, thanks for all the support guys & putting up with my issues. I've been lacking time these past weeks because my teachers are being inconvenient by having all there tests and such before Spring Break.. ;( SO,....... Just to try to make it up to you all.... I'VE DECIDED.... dramatic drum roll: ...... Over Spring break, I will have ATLEAST 1 video uploaded every other day. (i.e; a new video on a monday, maybe not tuesday, but then forsure wednesday..) & as for posts, I promise to have atleast I post uploaded per day! Hopefully I won't have any technical issues, but yeah! These are my goals & promises to you all! Just to let you know, my Spring Break will last from  April 15th-April24th. ALSO: I'm thinking of doing a massive Spring-Ready birthday haul?! I'll update you all on this sometime... I may even do the whole "how I thrift/thrift with me" & "DIY Jewelry" during this time since it was the most requested on my poll thing! Is it just me, or is anyone else really excited for this Spring Break?! Oh! & Just incase someone wants to know when my birthday is, it's on April 16th! :D I plan on persuading my mom to help me get a new cam so I guess you guys'll find out how successful that is if the quality of my vids or blog posts look any nicer ;D Ohhh! What I'm most excited for is either the massive Bday haul, orLOOKBOOK! I'm thinking of doing a whole spring trends fashion video, & I want to make it greaaatt. I'm just waiting for the haul & cam at this point... ;D

Thanks everyone for not unsubscribing to my youtube & unfollowed my blog<3 ;D