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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Technical Issues Update

So it's my birthday today! <333
I don't feel any older but I'm going to write a seperate post about my day tomorrow : )
So if you're wondering why I don't have my giveaway announcement video up, yet, it's because my dad took the family camera (what I use to record) on his trip to Mexico without me knowing. So now the prerecorded announcement is most likely at some buffet in Mexico in the hand's of my father. Gah. BUT, the reason why I'm not incredibly worried about the issue is because I got my OWN camera! So exciting! It's my first personal camera & now I can record whenever I want without the worry of my parents seeing anything >: ) !!!! I'm super stoked, I got the camera I wanted. I payed for a majority of it course, & the rest covered by the birthday money my parents gave :) UNFORTUNATELY, the camera package doesn't come with a memory card! How awful, I had no idea! So I was planning on uploading the giveaway announc. vid today w/ the new came but considering how I don't have a memory card, I'll have to do that tomorrow! Updates on my spring break aka preview of summer coming soon!

Much Love,
UPDATE; Videos I've decided to forsure do for you guys within this spring break:
-Giveaway Announc.
-Lace Bandeau Tutorial
-How I thrift/thrift with Me!
-Birthday Haul
-Shirt Customizations (DIY)
-DIY Jewelry (wire rings, feather accessories, button earrings..)
-Spring/Summer Lookbook

WOW, I sense my camera will be put into good use! Hopefully I can get all this done in one week! Wish me luck ; )