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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"30 Days of April" (YEAR OLD)


Anyone remember when I use to do those monthly favorite outfits posts? I remember them. I remember how upset at myself I'd be when I'd sort and link everything out the day before.. so I think that's why I stopped that. I hope no one's missing those too much? If you are, I'll consider doing something like it again.. maybe.. But I just stumbled across this in my drafts and I'm quite proud of myself! I still like practically, if not all, of these outfits so I guess this shows my taste in what I like is here to stay! For the heck of it, I'll post this in case anyone's missing em'... Sorry it's not actually "30 days" though... but hey! It was a looot of work, resizing all the images and everything.. but okay. Enjoy fashionistas :)

Much Love, aivy

2in1: No Sew Dress Alteration (how to)

Holey cheese, I'm so ecstatic!!! Did Blogspot REALLY just allow me to upload a photo?!? Is this this a dream or is this for real? Am I just being trolled; will my laptop spontaneously combust soon.. :( Well! Challenge accepted! Let's get straight to the point now so I can hopefully get this one posted!

Hi, Lovelies! So I graduated from high school on June 14th and this is what I decided to wear under my snuggie-esque gown. Dress rules were no dark colors and the gown could not be longer than the dress. Why am I so crazy; why did I buy a hi-lo dress?? was all that came to mind the night before. I loved the way it flows in the wind so could not bear to have it permanently altered. It'd be like chopping off the magnificent tail of a beautiful queen goldfish. She does not deserve that. So here's a quick fix idea for you all! :)

First off, I chose a fuchsia belt because it's such a bright color. I felt like instead of looking sad and sulky on graduation day, I should at least appear to be happy. To show I'm happy to have survived and accomplished so much in the past four years of my life. We all worked so hard! Plus, I thought it was a wild and fabulous combo ;) Love the triple buckle detail! So a belt was key in this.

I grabbed the side seams of the dress and twisted the ends outwards. I carefully folded under/behind the belt and once it came over, I went back under. I did this make 1 1/2 complete times to really get it situated! It was a dance graduation so no need to sew it togethor.. Plus, not sewing the dress made it that much easier to let it all loose afterwards. I could be a beautiful queen fish whenever I want!

Everything just layered and flopped in place so it was perfect for me. The dress has a really sheer lightweight feel which is why the layers fell so much easier. I also love how thin it wrapped on the fuchsia belt to add a little more zest!

I hope this explanation didn't end up too long but this was my attempt at sharing my nifty little discovery with you guys :) Hi-lo dresses seem to be all the rage so if you're not daring enough to rock it right away for want a new look, tell me how things go if you try this out! Good luck and have a super mega ultra awesome day, beautiful queen fish :)

Much Love, aivy

Monday, June 18, 2012


Top - Pacsun
Skirt - DIY
Belt - Mom's Closet

This outfit was from waaay back in May! This just shows how late I am on the posting.. I have a few more posts until everything is up to date so stay tuned! :) Once I get most of my ootd's up, I'll most likely go back into those DIYs wooo!

Outfit details: I recall this day being crazy hot so there was definitely more skin showing in this one.. The skirt was originally an unflattering maxi. I was going to cut it into a high-lo but I figured that may be too intense for me and the material of the fabric may not be suitable for such style.. it's a bit more heavy so it'd just drag rather than flow like a high-lo should.. so yeah! Went for a classic style :) it's a little longer on the back than the front so my cheeks don't play peek-a-boo and the sides are also a little shorter than the front and back but yeah! Nothin' like the classics :)

With love, aivyyy

Mission Free Shamu!

JUNE 11th, 2012
 Anorak - Sashimi
Striped Crop Top - F21
Light Blue High Waisted Shorts -  DIY
Shoes - converse
Dream Catcher Earrings - Swapt Meet'd

Me and home gurl Carlota tried our best to devise a plan and save Shamu. The closest creature we got to saving was a starfish. We weren't really even able to save the starfish because it would supposedly "die" if it went out of the water. They all already looked either dead or fake in my opinion.. but yeah! atleast we tried.. We also rode the Manta!!! or should I say manatee.. it was so good! Love that ride :) it wasn't all that scary but it was faster than expected so that was pretty gran!

Hi World! You also need to meet Louis (Loooo-aaayyy)! :)  This is me&Carly's Build-a-Bear Baby. He's the cutest widdle Koala&has the best style! (as you can see) His shark hat compliments the event perfectly, ugh, I'm so proud of our baby.

Outfit Details? Okay um, haven't worn shoes in forever and the converse I wore were actually from 8th grade! I also love my anorak because it's lightweight, I can wear it whenever. Not much else to say.. Oh! You can't even really see my earrings but I've been  into statement earrings again... and I like those collar kind of necklaces too :)

With love, aivyyy

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Where have I been hiding?!

So here's a quickie where have I been post! As you can see, I was busy with school and redecorating my room.. I went to senior honors night and am now a 2012 MHS graduate :)  My house is filled with roses but my room smells like butt.. ugh, tragic story.. and guess what! My older brother also graduated from UCI a day ago :) I'm so proud of him! I hope to survive college.. anyway, it's summer time and I'm ready to enjoy it :) I hope you're all ready for my retuurrrrnnn because I'm pretty excited! I have a lot in store :) and i'm sure Diana does too!

Much Love, aivy

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Surprise, I'm back!!

Surrrprriiiiiise! Hi, World! Or should I say "hello lovelies!" for traditions sake?! You're probably wondering what I'm doing back on blogspot when I specifically made a post explaining how I'm upgrading to tumblr.. well, what can I say? I miss you guys! For some strange reason I'm more comfortable posting outfits, etc, on blogspot sssooo.... I'm back! I'm returning to blogspot with the same intentions I started with so I hope you guys enjoy! Further updates on what's been hap'nin will be posted soon :) Until then, buckle up, lovelies! Because I'm ready to get back to business! >:)

Much love, aivy tran --aka FOS !

Saturday, October 15, 2011


 Hello Lovelies! Incase you didn't already know, I'm not longer doing videos as "ForksOverSpoons." I'm sorry:( But I will still be doing videos! Pretty much the exact same things except I now have a partner in crime, Dan :) I will keep all previously made videos/my channel FOS up incase anyone wants to refer back to them! Also, please subscribe to us on our new channel!

We'll still have  a ton of DIY & Outfit videos &it'll be awesome, I promise :)

Also! This also means the my blogspot shall no longer be updated :( I have a tumbr now... Boy don't i feel like a traitor, advertising my tumblr on blogspot, haha :C Well I hope you can all understand that I'm doing all this solely to improve the entertainment level of my channel & add more perspective to a once one-sided fashion sense channel!

& this new blog isn't a dan&ivan blog, just a mixture of my personal interests aside from the dan/ivan video combo! It'll have photos of current obsessions & possible diy's & etc. Same sauce, only better, i promise :)))


forever&always, with love, Aivy!