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Monday, June 18, 2012


Top - Pacsun
Skirt - DIY
Belt - Mom's Closet

This outfit was from waaay back in May! This just shows how late I am on the posting.. I have a few more posts until everything is up to date so stay tuned! :) Once I get most of my ootd's up, I'll most likely go back into those DIYs wooo!

Outfit details: I recall this day being crazy hot so there was definitely more skin showing in this one.. The skirt was originally an unflattering maxi. I was going to cut it into a high-lo but I figured that may be too intense for me and the material of the fabric may not be suitable for such style.. it's a bit more heavy so it'd just drag rather than flow like a high-lo should.. so yeah! Went for a classic style :) it's a little longer on the back than the front so my cheeks don't play peek-a-boo and the sides are also a little shorter than the front and back but yeah! Nothin' like the classics :)

With love, aivyyy