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Saturday, October 15, 2011


 Hello Lovelies! Incase you didn't already know, I'm not longer doing videos as "ForksOverSpoons." I'm sorry:( But I will still be doing videos! Pretty much the exact same things except I now have a partner in crime, Dan :) I will keep all previously made videos/my channel FOS up incase anyone wants to refer back to them! Also, please subscribe to us on our new channel!

We'll still have  a ton of DIY & Outfit videos &it'll be awesome, I promise :)

Also! This also means the my blogspot shall no longer be updated :( I have a tumbr now... Boy don't i feel like a traitor, advertising my tumblr on blogspot, haha :C Well I hope you can all understand that I'm doing all this solely to improve the entertainment level of my channel & add more perspective to a once one-sided fashion sense channel!

& this new blog isn't a dan&ivan blog, just a mixture of my personal interests aside from the dan/ivan video combo! It'll have photos of current obsessions & possible diy's & etc. Same sauce, only better, i promise :)))


forever&always, with love, Aivy!