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Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Bag!

Soo.. I actually got a new purse... HAH. I have issues. I'm pretty addicted to purses... I can't to seem to have one for any longer than 3 months! : '( So I decided since I was asked like mad on where I got my purse & whether it's real or not--I'll tell you! I was going to save it for when I do a "What's in my Purse" thing but.. I already got a new one :p So to start off, No, it's not a real Alexa Mulberry Bag! I don't exactly have over $1000 in my budget. Ahaha. So the second I first saw the Alexa I fell in love! I wanted to find some cheaper alternative because I knew I'd probably switch purses in no time (& I was right..) so yeah! I'd say I'm pretty much an Alexa Mulberry expert by now! I know the basics on where the Mulberry tree should be and the inside appearance & all that! So Part 2 of this post! Where did  I get it? EBAY. Redic, right?! When I was hunting for a copy cat Alexa I def wanted one that is decent quality, somewhat legit looking, bigger, and yeah. So I'd have to say the seller I found had great ones! It doesn't have the logo though, which is GOOD, in a sense, since technically it's an alexa mulberry INSPIRED purse instead of a FAKE one. It has the look but not trying to fake itself by calling itself an alexa. Well anyways, haha. I found it from the seller named kelvin_0427. The total for me was (w/ shipping & tax) nearly $90. I'd say it's a much better alternative than $1000+ but still a bit pricey.. well.. if you only use it for 3 months : /. I'm pretty sure the one I got was in  dark brown. What I reaally loved about it, even more than the legit alexa, is the color of the dark brown. It kinda has a very faint/subtle print to it. Almost like a leopard print.. like with a few darker brown patches.. nothing extreme. It makes the bag have more depth I guess you could say? Here's a quickie review for yo guys if you checked out the seller & are really contemplating on whether you should get it or not!

+ Color
+ Size (Very Large)
+ the braided strap is very sturdy & strong
+ Incredibly cute (I find it way more cute than the legit one!)
+ More affordable than the real Alexa
+ Shipping was VERY fast, especially since it came from the UK
+ Much more realistic & HQ looking compared to other wannabe Alexa's on Ebay

- Strap slightly worn down (leather kinda shaven off?) after less than 3 months..
- Metal center clasp left a light mark (discoloration) from the twisty part
- Random bits of back & lower rims of purse's leather kinda got "shaven" off? (don't know how to exlain)
- backside is a tad dirty.. darker
- Side Strap thing where it connects the front to the back has a small screw on the back. The screw on the font side keeps coming off because, for some reason, the stra hole got slightly stretched
- Bag gets a little saggy (too many items?)

So as you can see, I've faced a few issues with my gorgeous bag... such a shame. I still love it to death though, I honestly don't completely regret spending so much on it. It just needs some TLC? Even though the bag gets a little saggy, it's not really much of a con though. The slight sag is what really gives the bag that nice shape. Now, if you actually want a fake Alexa Mulberry I've also seen an incredibly legit looking one on I'm not sure if the link still works because the last time I checked there seems to be some sort of issue with the website. However, when I investigated the fake Alexa, it was made so greatly. It's actually made of the same soft buffalo leather the real alexa is made of. I guess the only difference is that it's not made the the Mulberry Co. Outside to inside, it was so similar. I think the texture of the bag may of been different for some reason though, but the inside looks really real too. Oh. But the bag on bagaholics is MUCH larger than the real one. Last time I checked, the small size on bagaholics is larger (or pretty much the same size) as the largest Alexa Mulberry sized bag. However, with all these great similarities, the price range also increased. I believe it was around $200-$300 but it looked incredibly legit.

So hopefully this post opens doors to finding your perfect bag! Whether you just want to have one for a while or whether you want to get something similar to the real deal! For me, the ebay one was actually a tester on whether or not I'd ever want to spend $1000 for a real one! Or atleast the bagaholics one! Seeing that I can't have a relationship with a purse for more than 3 months, I think I'll stick with the super cute & less expensive purses! ; ) Ey, nothing wrong with that right?! On the plus, I guess I can coordinate my purses with the seasons' weather, trends, & all that jazz? Hahaha, talk to you next time

Much Love,