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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dear Lovelies, I don't know chiz...

So this weeks post is going to have to be a short one because, as a procrastinator, I didn't finish all of my weekend homework yet! I've also been incredibly slow & laggy form the sickness! I had it since probably last Tuesday but it didn't really get that bad till' this weekend! I have a light/wimpy cough but it hurts. I also think I have a fever. Those aren't the weird symptoms though! While I was taking a shower I suppose I scratched myself (although I don't recall) and it left this incredibly huge scar type thing. As if a bear came up & scratched my thigh without me noticing! It's been over a day now and the red, bumpless, lines are still there. It doesn't hurt though so I'm not too concerned... I also woke up with incredibly sore arms! Like sooo bad. I could barely pick things up, and it hurt's even when I'm relaxed & trying to sleep. It makes it much more difficult to sleep so this does concern me! Has anyone ever had this happen to them? Any advice?

Oh! I also wanted to make a little shoutout to Angelina. After reading her comment on my previous post, I reread my post and saw how horribly awkward, personal, and depressing it was! I can't believe I even wrote all that negative stuff. (i tend to be an optimist/realist). But yeah I'd really like to thank Angelina for waking me up! She simply commented "It's alright, girl. chin up :) Life will still be good to you!" & something as little as that really made me realize how overdramatic I was and how, well, yeah, I think you guys get the cheese! Thanks dear!

Lastly, In a few 'dear lovelies' posts ago I asked you guys what I should invest on with my saved money! I got no feedback. Hahahah. So here's another attempt to get recommendations on what to do & such! However, it changed a tad! Haha the Sony Nex3 is quite out of my price range because not only do you need to buy the cam, but there's also so much other camera lens information that I don't know chiz about. Too complicated. So I found another Point&Shoot/DSLR that I think could work better! The Canon Sx30 IS is more affordable & probably much more convenient for me! I also don't have to worry about the complication of lens&such! But yeah, tell me what you guys think & if you have any suggestions? If you're wondering why I'm considering a new cam, it's because I want you guys to be able to see better quality photos/videos. Unless you guys think the cam I have now is already decent quality? & instead do you think I should just stick w/ spending money on clothes for more OOTDs & fashion videos? I'm not sure what to do! Kks, this is already a lot of writing & i'm behind schedule!


[ps--does anyone know if it actually hailed/snowed in L.A?! do tell!]