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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Aztec Inspired Nails!

So I just found the cutest nail design last week and attempted to replicate it! I'd say it came out pretty darn spiffy! It took me nearly 3 hours but that's because I was trying to make a video on how to do it for youtube at the same time. It probably would've taken me around 2 hours if I didn't record... but totally worth it! I'm really digging the creativity & art involved in this design! It's so one-of-a-kind & something really difficult to try to copy so you won't see many people with this look. On my right hand I reaaally wasn't in the mood to spend another 2-3 hours so stuck with a plain neutral pale pink kinda color! I'm really digging the overall look though because I can keep my aztec left hand accessory-less and wear tons of rings on my right hand just to balance out the... intensity? haha. So yeaaaup, I'm currently uploading the vid so check that out if you're interested! I realize the step-by-step photos aren't the best (my camera clearly doesn't focus well) so if you guys have any Qz feel free to chat me up! Oh & if you guys can't tell I did change th look/colors around for a few nails.. :)


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