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Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm Back! /New Approach

Lovelies, I've returned! Please forgive the many many days I've been missing. This previous week, especially, was unintended! I went of to Washington DC, Atlantic City (NJ), & NYC! (also planning on uploading a VLOG for this trip) My family & I literally haven't traveled in ages because of school & the way it tends to take over my entire life.. But it's summer time! &I'm ready to do everything slightly new! (Notice the new banner/ simple background/ New Sig? Prettty neat eh?) haha. The sig @ the bottom was also edited by me on paint! I'm pretty proud:) So anyways, What is this new approach? Idunno. I've just recently been inspired from some unknown source to put more effort into my blog/ youtube. More effort BUT, at the same time, keeping it simple&sweet? Idk if you guys understand what I've envisioned because, frankly, I'm horrible at explanations. Por ejemplo, I tend to blabber buttloads before the instructional part of a video.. I noticed that youtubers/subers for nearly allll guru-ers don't always enjoy the blabble. So I guess I'm wording things & trying to explain things too much so I'm going to shorten down my talking in videos.. I'm not sure what this new approach is yet but I envision something much more appealing to you all.. care to share any personal thoughts or ideas? :) No worries, I'm open to criticism, it'll only help me improve!

Vacationing on the East Coast-wise, I recorded tons of random segments and took a few photos. However, I'm not sure if you guys can understand how irritating it was when I found out my cruddy ancient laptop doesn't have enough memory space left. I literally spent about 3-4 hours trying to get the vids/pics uploaded (while having to return every 15 mins to shake the mouse so the thing doesn't turn off) & in the end most of the good stuff didn't even import & for some horrible reason my camera uploads videos in ".MOV" so afterwords I'll have to export them all into ".AVI" format. or something like that. Way too complicated for lil' ol' me who knows nothing about electronical willy-wack ;( Does anyone know a simpler/faster way to change movie file formats? It'd save so much time in my life.. But yes. Once I somehow manage to get all the vids exported & pics imported I'll have them posted asap! & this won't be like my promised birthday post.. Haha I'm sorry but I don't think I'll be uploading any photos from my bday.. it's much too late & the photos weren't too exciting anyways :(