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Monday, January 31, 2011

It Smells Great, is that... SPRING?

"In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock"-Thomas Jefferson

~from what I've seen/observed~
001. Mixing Patterns. Mixing complimentary colors makes an outfit stand out, but why not test out patterns? If done correctly, it looks chic, fun, and unique.
002. Lace. It's very feminine, and girly. It even tones down that "grunge/vampy" look.
003. Crochet/Macrame. Quite versatile. I've seen a girl in my class wear a cropped crochet tee. Very cute, stood out to me right away--in a good way!
004. Double Knot Hair. Has anyone ever heard the of "double knot" hairstyle? I'm not sure what I think about it. I DO think it has potential.. This spring/summer hair may consist of the 'au natural' look (from what I've observed). So this could def be incorporated. I just don't think it'd be 'known' enough to become a hot trend. Only time knows?
005. Stripes. Hott as ever. You've seen it on shirts, shorts, blazers, headwraps. Be prepared to see it in more spring/summer colors & attire. (i.e bathing suits!)
006. Florals! /Rompers? Florals are always so girly & cute! You'll probably see this feminesque print on bathing suits too! How do you guys feel about Rompers? I've always liked them but never really worn then other than a few times. I'm thinking of doing a vid on how to wear rompers just to help people out of their shells? Shoud I? Hmm...
007. Tassles /fringe. Especially on accessories. Don't overdo it though. I've also been seeing destroyed/shredded tops. As long as it isn't too cut up (where they're just strings..) then I think it's pretty chic.
008. Unique Embellishments. Makes any basic looks unique! slightly cropped tops aren't too bad either. I'm thinking of doing a vid on diff ways you can jazz up your basics!
009. Light Denim. Vests, Jackets, Shorts. A very laid-back look that can make a dressy top casual. Perfect for beach weather days.
010. Bold Accessories. Vintage, especially! So many different kinds, expect to see all sorts worn at once! Have you guys ever seen the indie insp. turquoise ones? Verryy hot/chic where I live. Great & unique can really jazz up any basic outfit!
Others: Sheer Tops, Fedoras, Slouchy Jumpers, Nude Colors, etc.