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Saturday, May 21, 2011

17 Candles & a Big Bush

Lace Bandeau: Self-Customized
Skirt: Iris Basic [Fashion Q]
Cocoon Sweater: Absolutely [Marshalls]
Belt: Fashion Q
Necklace: Swapt Meet
Pink/Gold Ring: Forever 21
Simple Knot Ring: Self-Made

Hellooo gorgeous, I welcome you to my "welcome back, me!" post! So these photos were actually taken a while back.. April 23rd I believe.. It's pretty much just a girly/feminine outfit I put together for my birthday party! Nothing to fancy-shmancy : ) & If you didn't notice, I attempted to curl/wave-up mah hairdo! Dear god, was that a nightmare. If you guys didn't already notice, I have absolutely no ability what-so-ever curling hair. It took about 45 minutes of experimenting to get the look I attained. Cheese & Rice, right?! It ended up quite frizzy if you guys can't tell in the photo.. but it's okay, frizzing never bothered me too much & I do enjoy a messy hairstyle :) So overall, I was... satisfied! I must admit, for some crazy reason it doesn't look half bad in photos? Hmm.. I've been really wanting to style my hair in a more toussled, messy, bed-head waves type thing recently.. it'd be so cute for summer! I'm not really into the whole feather-extensions trend going on right now but I do like the more laid-back boho single-feather at the bottom of a string type extension/clip or earring (yes, just one) thing. Did that even make sense? I don't know if you guys know what I'm talking about so I'm going to find something I kinda like and tag it in right here. Yeah, something kinddaa like that. I also found this while browsing which looks kinda fun too! So what are everyone else's opinions about feather accessories? :D

& I'd also like to apologize for posting on the 24th rather the 23rd like I promised! I was actually making the "30 Days of April" post (since I'm incredibly late this month!) I didn't even have time to finish it, what a let-down -___-. So yeah, that's why I'm finishing it up after I get this posted! Oh yes! & if you're wondering how my laptop situation ended up well, my little brother was actually the cause of the death of Lappy! He spilt half a cup of water on it & didn't tell us until a week later -___-. Sheesh. Shame, shame. So he decides to go to one of the older laptops we have that broke down way long ago--it ends up working. Who knew?! So Yes, I'm currently using an ancient and ridiculously slow laptop... I'm still trying to figure out how to download those movie editor programs onto this dinosaur. Unfortunately, it's being inconveniently stubborn & nothing I do to try and download windows live moviemaker seems to be working! >;o Gah! But yeah, I'm still incredibly preoccupied with school so won't be able to post/upload as much as anticipated. I have a tad more free time since AP exams are over but it's still nothing gran -___-. Tis' okay, there will be summer soon!

Ooooh, I am very excited for I'll finally be finishing up a collective haul! I'm going to Vegas this 27th/28th so I'll be shopping till I drop! I'll also have my special bestie, Vivi, participate in the haul! (well.. hopefully she'll want to? ;D) I'm pretty stoked to have a manly camera to record all this Vegas action. I might even be doing a Vlog@ Vegas + OOTDs since I might actually put effort to dressing up in hot weather. Yes, there are times when I get too lazy to dress cutely just because it's too hot. Shame on meeee. But yes, this shall be it for now! I will talk to you all soon! Byyeee! <3~


ps--if you're wondering why this post is called "17 Candles," it's because I finaally turned 17 on April 16th! ^^ teehee!