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Monday, May 30, 2011

Wishful thinking in the Summer Sun

Vintage Blazer: Mom's Closet
Romper: Fashion Q
Shoes: Report
Panda Watch: Malibu (Swapt Meet)
Ring: Forever 21
Necklace: Swapt Meet
(additional brand details will be added l8r)
I like Rompers! I fine them more free/easy going than dresses just because I can run around in circles comfortably! When I wear a romper, I feel like I'm 45 mph wind-proof! No more worrying about floofing dresses and panty exposures! I did feel pretty naked just because I wasn't wearing tights like I usually would though... but hey! Other than the skin, I enjoyed the outfit! Sorry for not posting/uploading vids till, well, now btw! I was in Vegas! I'll have a F21 Haul up next week + Collective Haul (separate). The Collective Haul feels a tad late so I'm a little unsure whether I should still upload it. What do you guys think? & As for the thrift with me Haul I recently changed my though on how I'll be doing the vid! At first I thought you guys wanted me to explain how I thrift + the actual process BUT thinking about it a little more I realized, wow! How silly! All my subscribers are already so stylist I highly doubt they need MY tips on how to thrift! (For I thrift like any other average thrifter). So insteeaad the video will not contain me blabbering & insteaaad a full-on 100% follow-along vid! Now I just need a buddie to record me! Not sure when the upload is going to happen but I'll keep you all as up to date as possible! :)

I hope everyone's Memorial Day was great? Big thanks to all the veterans fighting out there<3 I saw soliders @ an In N' Out & absolutely freaked out with excited! I don't know what it is, but I think I just found out that I may just have a thing for men in uniform? ;) Hah. Another one for the list. Well I hope you're all doing well!

MUCH <3,