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Monday, March 7, 2011

Dear Lovelies, The Bright Moon...

Hey gorgeous! Sorry for the late post, I had a last minute essay to finish last night so ended up not having time to post! I managed to squeeze in time to do my 4th Contest Giveaway Post and 4th free giveaway video, though! Hopefully you guys are okay with me giving away accessorries?! I've been reading a lot of comments about giving away bags/hats, & etc sometime?! That seems do-able! I may do that sometime:) So yeah, my day has been alright! Did I tell you guys that when I went out to get the accessories, all the ones I liked, I also got for myself? Haha so I have nearly everything Im giving away & it's all soo cute! I didn't think I'd like the shell-filled dome ring at first but wore it today & LOVED it. Everytime I look at it, it makes me smile! So odd! I didn't really do much this previous week. I went to the dentist on Saturday though! :( My dad informed me about my appointment for the first time when he woke me up @9:10 to tell me the app. was @9:30. LOL, rediculous! Other than that, everything's been the same. I've really persuaded myself into getting a new cam though. After seeing how horrible the focus was in my giveaway video I def have to get a better one.

Oh! I also have to write a poem for my Spanish class! I figured the easiest thing to do is write on out in English & just translate it into Spanish afterwords. I've never really had to do a legit poem assignment before and I kinda wanted to create a decent one! I think Im willing to share the cheesiness with you all! >:) Tell me what ya think! (I'm such an amateur...)

The Bright Moon
In a forest of darkness,
Your light shines.
In the deep depths of the ocean,
Your current flows.

In the night, Your smile shines
Bright like a full moon.
Using it to guide the poor home,
You’re the savior of the lost.

Many people don’t understand
but I do,
because You’ve saved me.
When I was lost in a forest
When I was drowning in the sea
When I was blind in the night.

You’ve saved me.
I will never forget you—
The bright moon.

-Much Love,