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Friday, March 18, 2011

So Pretty, So Smart, Such a Waste of a YoungHeart

Dress (Worn as a Top): Sans Souci (Thrift)
Shorts: Forever 21
Jacket: J. Crew (Thrift!)
Tights: Target
Necklace: Claires
Vintage Holographic Eagle Keychain: Swapt Meet,
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similar keychain but w/ an angel!
Silver Snake Ring: EPILOGUE
Panda Watch: Malibu (Swapt Meet)

Hahah so I really liked this outfit but can't stop thinking about how it's waay to short on the rear end! Gah. My target tights are also finally wearing down. I've got tons of holes in the foots area:( I also don't like how you can see the lines on the tights about thigh area. So when I wear shorts like in this OOTD you can sometimes see the high thigh lines if the shorts were to rise up ! ;o horrible. I need to get new tights without the annoying thigh lines! Annnyyways, I really like knee high boots. I've also found the color gray to be incredibly versatile! I got my boots for an amazing deal online. I think it was $13 + shipping & handling. I believe the total was somewhere between $20-$25. I love how there's a "cuff" on top so I can also make it even higher! I found knee high boots incredibly convenient, especially if you're the tights kinda person! It helps keep me warmer when I wear tights on those chilly days :) I highly suggest you guys get a pair! ;) Even though it's spring, you can just save em' for winter! Who knows, since it'll be too warm for boots, you might even score an amazing deal on a pair!

I'm also still really irritated @ the fact that I can't seem to get my "How I Accent Blazer Cuffs/OOTD/HAUL" video up! It's a little over 10 minutes & oozy with amazing... that might be why I can't upload it--youtube can't handle all the intensity. Hah. The fact that my internet has been incredibly stupid lately may also be a factor... :/ I'll just have to upload everything else first I suppose. Blergh. Oh! I finally did a Michael Kors inspired Double Knot Hair Tutorial! I'm editing that vid soon & uploading it :) Yeee, see you all soon!

Much Love,